International Academy for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology - 1.Vice President Dr. Andreas Kurrek


IAUSI is a nonprofit NGO-organization. Our aims are basic research, development and advancement of standardized protocols in ultrasonic surgery and implantology concerning mainly OMF surgery, oral surgery, dentistry but also other disciplines of surgery in human medicine on a national and international level.


IAUSI-members organize and hold scientific and  educational information- and training sessions for OMF-surgeons, dentists and general surgeons as well as seminars, workshops, hands-on-courses, national and international conferences.


The IAUSI homepage is the central interface to exchange written and audiovisual information such as scientific publications of IAUSI-members as well as lectures and training-videos mainly in english language.

Membership can be granted to individual physicians with a degree in dentistry and/or general medicine as well as to national and international medical non-profit organizations. Currently IAUSI has about 4000 direct or indirect members (via affiliation of national medical organizations).


It´s headquarter is in Vienna/Austria.








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